Professional Services

  • Civil Engineering Consultancy Services

    CTS Provides Engineering Consultancy services for Construction Projects. This includes Preliminiray surveys, environmental and Social impact assessments, preliminary estimation and design.

  • Structural/Geodetic Monitoring

    Structural & Geodetic monitoring is vital in keeping lives safe while increasing environmental well-being. CTS provides tailor-made manual & automated monitoring systems for projects depending on their client's needs.

  • Bathymetric Survey

    With the highest accuracy, CTS has been carrying out Bathymetric surveys from shallow water mini reservoirs to sea beds. These maps allow our clients to design structures and conduct research at unreachable water depths.

  • Construction Survey

    Construction Surveying supports all construction activities and infrastructure engineering in urban and rural environments. This includes Preliminary surveys, setting out the design at the site and asbuilt surveys.

  • Topographic Survey

    CTS uses conventional and modern high-tech methods to map and lay out all properties, features and elevation surface features.  

  • Quantity Survey

    Our Inhouse Quantity surveyors can estimate and control construction project costs on any scale.

  • Mine Survey

    Mining and tunnelling include many construction and monitoring components. CTS provides comprehensive solutions for Surveying, Setting out, Quantity calculations and monitoring for mining and Tunnelling projects.

  • GIS Related Services

    Every industry in the modern-day world uses location-based data to communicate, perform analysis, share information and solve complex problems. CTS can develop, collect, and analyse spatial data with custom GIS solutions for any industry.

  • Photorealistic 3D Modeling

    Realistic 3D models enable visualisation in unparalleled accuracy & detail. CTS provides a wide range of services to facilitate these visualisations using terrestrial scanning & drone imagery to replicate the real world into virtual space.

  • Raster-based spatial modeling and analysis

    Spatial models allow users to simulate natural disasters and situations in a virtual platform. This creates the opportunity to create awareness of natural disasters such as flooding and landslides before it ever happens.

  • Satellite image processing & interpretation

    Acquiring information without physical contact with the earth, has given modern-day GIS systems colossal advancement. CTS possess the technology & the knowledge to process, analyse, & interpret these data into meaningful outputs.

  • Cartography

    Accurate, Informative & Aesthetically appealing maps help to communicate spatial information effectively & efficiently. Experienced CTS cartographers assure their clients with dependable & precise maps using the latest mapping technologies, methods & formats.

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